What’s on in Geneva this week? (12-16 August)

  • 12 Aug 2019
  • by  Marion Loddo

This week kicks off with the celebration of the International Youth Day.  In New York, the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs (ODA) is hosting a “Youth for Disarmament” dialogue on Artificial Intelligence and its implications on international peace and security.

In Geneva, UNIDIR and ODA are organizing an induction course on multilateral disarmament and arms control processes for new diplomats from 13 to 16 August. On Thursday, the GDP and Harvard Law School’s Armed Conflict and Civilian Protection Initiative (ACCPI) are hosting an  interactive workshop on humanitarian disarmament to explore the definition, key elements, evolution and effectiveness of this cross-cutting concept as well as the benefits and challenges of partnerships among states, international organizations and civil society for advancing disarmament. Feel free to contact us (contact@disarmament.ch) if you would like to participate in this event or learn more about it.

Also on Thursday, do not miss UNIDIR lunch-time event presenting the findings of the study on “Simplifying the elimination of fissile material and nuclear weapons” (at the Palais des Nations, room XI – more information here).

The Conference on Disarmament continues with business as usual with two plenary meetings scheduled on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon (see the full planning of the CD for this week here) and during which member states will discuss the working paper presented by the Netherlands “Back to Basics: the programme of work.”

As we just commemorated the 74th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki here is an interesting read on citizen’s knowledge about nuclear weapons (spoiler alert: it is more limited than expected).

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A peace bench installation (officially named "The Best Weapon") will stand as a symbol of diplomacy at the UN headquarters in New York until the end of the General Assembly sessions in September